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Welcome to the McMurray Hatchery Marketplace. Please help us support these McMurray Hatchery customers and partners when shopping for juvenile chicks, started pullets and ready-to-lay hens, locally-raised pastured poultry, and farm fresh eggs for sale across the U.S.A. We have recently expanded to include vendors that offer honey and other bee-related products, such as hand-dipped candles, balms, and lotions. We are proud of the hard work that our community puts into creating a more sustainable lifestyle, and hope you will consider using our Marketplace when shopping locally. If you are interested in partnering with us by becoming a Marketplace vendor, please click here to sign up today.

Fresh Egg Sales

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There’s nothing like farm fresh eggs when it comes to flavor, freshness, and quality. Looking for farm fresh egg sales and how to support your local egg stands? The Marketplace from McMurray Hatchery lets you search and view select egg stands and vendors in your area. Use the map below to find your local farm fresh egg stands. Interested in having your egg stand, farm or CSA listed on the Marketplace Click here to apply now.

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